Our Vision

Empower our users with the best combination of AI technology and spontaneous human interaction so they become a better version of themselves to embrace life and celebrate living.

Our Business

We believe that we are most productive when we have the chance to exercise our creativity. Our entire operation as a business venture is primed towards maximizing our creativity – which means to constantly co-create with each other, co-create with our customers and co-create with investors.

Our Product

We envision our product evolving over time from something very focused at a specific segment in the global market that will be scaled as we gain more of our own proprietary know-how and technology. We envision an expansion into B2B and enterprise applications in the future.

Our Team

Our team is globally-oriented which means we are born global. The team leader, the founder, has already successfully built and established one company in the past and has put together a start-up team ready to give it all for the beginning stages of this venture on a global scale.

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