ready to climb the ladder hard & fast – invest with us to put the rungs in place

In 2007 it started with a few notebooks, color pens and a time commitment to planning and prioritization. By 2012 it became an excel sheet with automated columns for setting the priority of tasks, the estimated time to complete and reflection/feedback metrics. 

By 2017, the founder of nudge, Leonard, decided that not only would it be a great idea to shift this concept to an app – but to develop it as a full business venture for profit to create more value through R&D, marketing and higher value creation.

In late 2017/early 2018, with just the concept itself, our team won the Japan Business Model Competition – Tokai Regional, advanced through the semi-final round in Tokyo at Tama University and presented among the final nine teams in the final found on March 4th, 2018. Without even having a product touching the market, the strength of our passion, our concept, our founding values, our start-up team and comprehensive business plan projected us into the final round of the competition.

Our start-up preparations are nearly complete, and we ready to climb the ladder hard and fast – but we need support to put the missing rungs in place. We are seeking investment and financial backing from angel investors, seed capital and/or early venture capital funding.

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