Behavioral change by blending spontaneous human interactions with deep-learning AI technology to build routines and (re)balance your life.

Behavioral change by blending spontaneous human interactions & deep-learning AI tech to build routines & (re)balance your life.

I can’t find the right balance in my life to achieve my goals, because I can’t develop the right routines I need in my life.


Hi! My name is Leonard Leiser and I’m focused on sharing stories, creating tools and building platforms that are going to create more positive productivity in my life and the lives of those around me. The above sentence is the problem statement I think we can all relate to, and it’s the problem I’m working on solving as a new business venture in technology.

If I could create the solution, I could share it. If I could share it, I could scale it. And if I could scale it, I could build a business around it that would let me focus on it full time.

Last September, while going on a run, I was frustrated with how out of shape I had become. Worse, I felt overwhelmed by my work/life imbalance and everything I wanted to achieve for myself. How did I get this way? What I am supposed to do? 

As a constant planner – keeping notebooks and journals of strategies for my goals – I had a lot of ambitious goals planned and a clear path to get there. But I rarely met those goals on my own in the past two years. On that run in September, I suddenly realized that I could create a solution with technology (instead of notebooks) and carry it with me in my smartphone.

The solution is a unique product and, surprisingly, nothing is like it on the market right now. We don’t use alarms, alerts, calendar reminders or anything like that. It is all based on behavioral psychology and blending technology where technology is best, people where people are best. Over time we will use what we learn from our users to provide an ever-better solution that people would be willing to use and pay for as a small but important part in daily life to achieve life-long goals. So calling it “nudge” reflects how it’s going to work.

This website, Project Nudge, is about building and leading a team of talented people who believe it is not only possible to blend deep-learning AI technology with social networking to create positive behavioral change, but to redefine productivity in the Smart Machine Age. Our business is based around this idea and we are excited about delivering this product to the market.

Right now, we are a pre-seed start-up based in Japan organizing and developing our product for a global market from the initial launch, but we need the right investors and investment. We are actively looking for connections, investors, introductions and are always open for advice on how to turn our part-time project into a full-fledged business venture.

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