Become a Better You.

Celebrate Living, Embrace Life

great decisions come from fewer choices

what it is

Develop new routines or tweak old routines to create positive long-term behavioral change in your life, starting with mind, body and your values.

what it does

See how we are creating our behavioral change platform powered by deep-learning AI digital assistant and a limited social network.

how it works

Understand our innovative approach backed by 10+ years of analog trial and error as a life-design tool for users with high self-expectations.

Project Nudge Today

We are an early-stage start up built on the principle that productivity needs to be redefined in the Smart Machine Age. Our mission is provide motivation and inspiration for our users to have more productive lives at the individual level. Our initial product is a platform to build routines and balance your mind, body & spirit to make you a better you.

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